To help us achieve our mission of protecting & expanding bike access to off-road trails in the Fredericksburg area.
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Quarry trails are OPEN

The Quarry trails are in fair-to-good condition after the downpour earlier in the week.  The areas which stay wet longest are, surprise, still very wet.  This includes Scout, Beach and especially USGS.  Other trails are firming up quite well.

If you've been out on the trails and you know that the above conditions report is inaccurate or if you know of any trail blockages then please send an update to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post on our Facebook page.  Thanks, FATMUG.

Last Updated (Thursday, 17 April 2014 07:42)


Our next trail work day is Saturday April 19th.  Will Lyddane is leading a trail corridor flagging expedition at Motts Run.  If you're interested in helping to shape this new trail network then contact Will and plan to meet at Noon and work for a few hours.







If you’ve tried to get to the Quarry Trails recently then you’ve no doubt seen the impacts of the Fall Hill bridge widening project.  Entering the trails from Fall Hill Ave now not only requires passing through a hard hat area but it also requires skirting the edge of a huge crater opening up to the canal and then hopping a construction fence.  Not exactly the best situation.  We spoke to the folks at the City about the problem and they suggested that anyone wanting to access the Quarry trails while the bridge project is underway use Wicklow drive instead of the old entry point beside the FOR/VOC building.

Starting immediately and continuing for at least the next few months, please do not use the old access point to the Quarry trails (the gated gravel road between FOR and the canal).  Instead please park at the end of Wicklow drive just OUTSIDE of the Sunshine Baseball fields parking lot.  Do not park in the lot.  If you do and the park closes, you may get locked in so please park on the road outside of the ball field gates.  The Fredericksburg Police Department has also been notified that the City would like trail using folks to park in that area so as long as you obey posted signs, you should not need to worry about getting towed.  The kiosk with the trails OPEN/CLOSED sign will soon be moved up to this new location as well.

Need directions to this new access point?  Just search on “1200 Wicklow Drive, Fredericksburg VA 22401”.  Once you arrive at the ballpark, just ride/walk/hike into the entrance of the baseball field parking area and then down the gravel road (it’s okay to go around the gate) to the trails.


1. Maintain the integrity of existing trails.

2. Identify areas for improvement on existing trails and execute sound practices to reduce impact on surrounding environment.

3. Design and construct trails to minimize both risk of user harm and environmental impact from all reasonably anticipated trail use for life of trail.

4. Solicit guidance from local historians to design, construct and/or modify trails that provide low impact access to cultural and historical features and landmarks.

5. Repair trail damage resulting from severe weather events, fallen trees, debris and improper trail use (ex. muddy surface riding, unauthorized re-routes, etc.).

6. Educate trail users, especially cyclists, on proper trail use etiquette.

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